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Tiantongyuan Residential Renovation



Tiantongyuan is one of the two

High-rise residential and office space types are completely different, corresponding to different specifications for structure, fire protection, space use, etc. This project is not only to complete the spatial transformation, but also to solve the technical transformation problem.

In the internal space, the traffic circle of the office should be sorted out first. In order to reduce the changes to the original structure, we found a lot of holes left by the original construction and maintenance. These holes were later built by brick, not cast-in-place concrete. Then we re-divided the original residential space to make it more suitable for office use, and added elevators according to the actual demand; In this process, it is also necessary to transform and reinforce part of the structure.

As a public office space, it is necessary to increase the activation area of outdoor public activity space. However, due to the limitation of capacity calculation rules, we limited the area of public activity space by increasing the frame from the original building and conceived a small square.

Tiantongyuan Residential Renovation



Date of Completion: Sep 2021

Principals:He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng

Project Team:Yuan Yingzi, Zhang Xian, Li Tianhui, Li Zhenghua, Li Tianyun, Tang Yanni, Huang Liying, Zhang Chundong